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"Inspire, and be inspired."

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Josh Robin is a music producer from Los Angeles, California whose sound stems from the warmth, radiance, innovation, and diversity of his hometown. He grew up in a house of singers, a classically trained pianist, and a self-taught guitarist. Through the need for his own unique musical expression, Josh’s songwriting began at an early age.

"It is important to me to showcase both trained technique and creative expression. My influences use complex rhythmic motifs which I aim to incorporate into even the most basic time signatures."

Blending a groundbreaking EDM sound, with epic hard rock, and lyrics that inspire, Josh’s music pushes a limit that commands the attention of an audience. With a harmonious balance of deep rhythmic passion, and soaring ethereal melodies, Josh spreads a powerful message of light and positive energy to the world through his music.  Sleek, smooth, intense, and sophisticated. Grab on and take hold of the Josh Robin sound!



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