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Josh Robin Music
Since the beginning, Josh Robin is known for his melodic, piano driven compositions. He produces music that bridges the elusive gap between the electronic and instrumental genres. Taking influence from acts as wide-ranging in style as Skrillex, Radiohead, Linkin Park, and even classical roots, Josh's desire to master the art of music production lead him to become an audio engineer and explore the realm of electronic music from an entirely new perspective. Visit the official website for first looks at NEW music, videos, photos, and news.

About the designer
Dylan Marcus is originally from Hawaii, though now he primarily lives in New York City. Dylan is the youngest known Filipino-American to successfully start a nonprofit company, doing so at the age of 18 while attending high school. During his time studying at New York University, Dylan started a production company which is responsible for several projects. Dylan Marcus later joined New York City’s Double 6 Studio as Operations Manager. Since, he and the studio's owner started Camrise, the world’s premier aerial production company. Check out some of his efforts!

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